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The X Men in 2002

The X Men are a mutant faction found by Charles Xavier who saw the rise of Anti-Mutant sentiment increasing at an alarming level and thus created a safety haven at his Westchester mansion to train young mutants in using their powers for the benefit of human society. Charles named his team X Men with an "X" for the special X-Gene mutants possess that normal humans lack, the gene that gives mutants their abilities, also as something brought up by Moira MacTaggert who just came with the proposition as Charles initially wanted to name his future students, G-Men, "without a G" as they weren't working for the government by that time.

Members ( in order of joining):[]

Founding members:[]

Original First Class

Second Generation:[]

The New X Men:[]

Future generations:[]

It is unknown if the school managed to function without The Professor as a training facility as Storm was named the official leader and many mutants, including the young students, left the mansion hoping for a better life in human society.

It is also unknown what happened to the other students during The Battle at Alcatraz and why didn't they join despite Colossus, Iceman and Shadowcat being divided in certain mutant squads. It may be that their stay was only temporary.

Also, during the Post-Wideawake era in the 1970's, some non-affiliated members would include James Proudstar / Warpath, Clarice Ferguson / Blink and Ben Hamill, known as The Paragons.