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Anole in the church

Anole== Victor Borkowski / Anole is a mutant with reptilian-like features and a member of The Brotherhood of Mutants.


Early Life & Joining The Brotherhood[]

Victor Borkowski was born in Fairbury, Illinois, a small, typical American town in 1974 where young Victor led a normal life despite his mutant features. That until he was confronted by an anti-mutant group called  The Reavers which began spreading in the entire country by that time and an organization allied with the F.D.A (Friends Of Humanity). For the safety of his family, Victor fled and was never to be heard again until joining Magneto's Brotherhood in 2002 and attempting to destroy the mutant cure facility located on Alcatraz island.

Battle at Alcatraz ( X-Men: The Last Stand)[]

Victor was on the front line of the assault against the human guards on the island and held the line against Shadowcat and Iceman until he was unexpectedly shot with the cure, rendering him in a normal human form.

He may have survived even after Jean lost control of her powers and turned into ' The Phoenix' after which he returned to his hometown.

Abilities & trivia[]


  • Enhanced strength, agility, endurance, stamina and possibly reflexes;
  • Can stick to walls;
  • Reptilian-like features and prehensile sticky tongue;
  • Camouflage (possibly);