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THE MUTANT REGISTRATION Act== The Mutant Registration Act or Anti-Mutant Registration Act was a proposed bill in the U.S. Congress that suggested mandatory registration for individuals possessing the X-Gene. Sponsored by Senator Robert Kelly and president McKenna, the bill had a significant debate during the time it was proposed to be used. Researchers and doctors in the genetic field such as Charles Xavier, Jean Grey and even Henry McCoy spoke publicly opposing the act.

While the MRA was almost entirely selected in the Senate, it didn't had the entire number of necessary votes as Senator Robert Kelly reversed his position on the act, though in reality, he was killed by Magneto and replaced by Mystique in his form. Although left in a gap, the act is still supported by many senators and politicians who support the F.D.A (Friends Of Humanity) program institued by those who want to design a special "reservation" system for mutants. Outside the U.S, other countries have developed similar legislations.

Another example is Canada's Department H which manages the mutant registration, in accordance with the Alpha Flight Program.

Most mutants taking shelter at Xavier's 'School For Gifted Youngsters' are targeted by the program because of their powers having been out of control when discovered.

Mutants held in the registration program: Scott Summers / Cyclops - incident registrated in Nebraska;

Katherine Pryde / Shadowcat - incident registrated in Deerfield, Illinois;

Evan Starsmore / Chamber - incident registrated in Chicago;

Roberto Da Costa / Sunspot - incident registrated in Rio de Janeiro; and many other students, former students and teachers at Xavier's School;

Known Supporters:                                            []

  • Robert Kelly ( senator and representative);            

Anti Registration:[]

  • Charles Xavier ( master degree in genetics, physics and philosophy);
  • Henry McCoy ( secretary of Mutant Affairs);
  • Jean Grey ( ambasador and Mutant Ethics representative);
  • Moira MacTaggert ( medical and genetics expert);
  • Erik Lehnsherr ( after The Cuban Missile Crisis and before Liberty Island incident in 2000); ( possibly);