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The Danger Room[]

The Danger Room is a training chamber or simulation hall of the most potential life-threatening and possible situations The X Men can encounter. It is graphically designed by a computer and its projections are also based mostly on the emotions of the trainee. Designed in 1985 as a last addition to the school ( since the institute already had its own X-Jet), The Danger Room serves as a method of both physical and emotional strength enhancer.

It has been told that Henry McCoy and Erik Lehnsherr both helped with the construction and interior design of the chamber, being ultimately assisted by Charles Xavier. The same design inside the room can be also found on Magneto's Radiation Machine, as the Radiation Machine itself could have served as a last piece of the puzzle inside the original complex.

Some of the programs projected include a post-apocalyptic Project: Wideawake scenario as known so far.

After a training session