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Team X[]


Team X from left-to-right: Wade Wilson, William Stryker, Victor Creed, James Howlett, John Wraith, Fred Dukes, Chris Bradley and David North

Team X== Team X is a mutant faction brought up altogether by colonel William Stryker in the search for the Adamantium and other super-power elements and artefacts, possibly including the Vibranium and even Omnium steel. The team is known to have functioned for six years without Wolverine who left during their first mission as he was tired of killing innocent people in the process of their achievements. After Wolverine left, the first person to defect after serving for six years straight was Wade Wilson who wanted to experience something else and had the feeling he was searching for something unattainable during his work, followed by Kestrel who was also tired of killing innocent people and Bolt. With Fred Dukes leaving last, the team had no use and disbanded shortly after encountering Raven Darkholme as a rival mercenary with the old habit of thwarting the group's plans as she knew about Stryker's plan of creating the ultimate ' mutant slayer'. Because the team was disbanded and Stryker would use Victor Creed to capture mutants for the final experiment ( Weapon XI), the latter would move his testing facility and laboratory on Three Mile Island, safe from other mutant mercenaries and organizations.

Stryker would use Kayla Silverfox to spy on Logan in his time spent away from the team, as she would pretend to be his girlfriend, though she is forced to spy on him as her sister is caught in the middle of the experiment. Silverfox is unofficially the first mutant recruited in Team X therefore.

Feeling betrayed after all this time as Wade left first after all the time spent and proving to be the most loyal, Stryker would use Wade's body after being captured as the 'recipient' for Weapon XI. Feeling betrayed by all his soldiers, Stryker would use his most loyal man, Creed, to kill the former members of Team X and use their DNA for the experiment, after Weapon X was a failure.

Many years after the incident at Three Mile Island after Weapon XI was seemingly destroyed, Stryker would still keep records on his old mutant companions, as he agreed to work with HYDRA afterwards and develop Project: Wideawake to compensate the loss of Weapon XI.



  • The original Team X in the comic books consisted of : Wolverine, Sabretooth, Silverfox, Mastodon, Kestrel, Maverick, Deadpool and Omega Red.