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Roberto Da Costa / Sunspot is a student at Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters and a mutant with the ability of solar absorption and rechanneling. He can also project heat and light in the form of concussive blasts of unknown extend.

He is a former member of Omega Squadron.  


Early Life[]

Born in Rio de Janeiro in 1982, he is the son of wealthy businessman Emmanuel Da Costa and archeologist Nina Da Costa. While pushed to both his physical and intellectual limits, Roberto's mutation manifested violently one day as he drew the attention of both Charles Xavier and William Stryker, although fortunate enough, The Professor reached Roberto before the anti-mutant military man.

Life at the mansion & Squadron membership[]

As he reached the school, Roberto grew overconfident in his abilities, even having arguments with his teachers who berated him for not working as a team with Bobby Drake and older teammate Jonothon Starsmore. It is unknown if Roberto was present the night the institute was attacked by Stryker's men in 2001 although he had already left by the time of the battle above Tokyo against Mastermold and the battle of Alcatraz against Magneto's Brotherhood.

The reason of his defection is currently unknown.  

Roberto's name on Stryker's list

Relationships, abilities & trivia[]

  1. Charles Xavier / Professor X - Mentor, teacher and leader.
  2. Ororo Monroe / Storm - Field leader and teacher.
  3. Jonothon Starsmore / Chamber - Friend, teacher ( possibly) and teammate.
  4. Robert Drake / Iceman - Rival and teammate.


  • Solar absorption and rechanneling ( as strength, endurance, agility, stamina and reflexes);
  • Projection of intense heat and light ( or concussive blasts);