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Phat in 2002

Phat== Robert Reilly / Phat is a mutant who can change his size, thus augmenting his strength and durability as well. He can also modify his body structure at molecular level and stretch the fat deposits over his body.

He is a member of The Brotherhood of Mutants.


Early Life[]

William Robert Reilly grew up involved in street gang life. He was born in 1960 and his powers would manifest by gaining weight as he tought at first it would be due to stress, however, once he discovered his original abilities, Robert became embarrased and started living in an RV to avoid human contact since his teens.

Joining The Brotherhood ( X-Men: The Last Stand)[]

Once it became clear to him that he was a mutant, Robert seeked help from the cure at first and later tought of using his abilities to his own gain as he joined Magneto's Brotherhood alongside The Omegas and other mutants.

He would join Magneto in attacking Alcatraz island where the cure facility is located.


After reaching the island, Robert ( or Phat), stretched his skin so that he became larger in size and enhanced his strength by doing so. He attempted to attack Colossus and Iceman but the latter used his freezing abilities to encase Robert into a block of ice after which Colossus shattered him to pieces.

Abilities & trivia[]


  • Stretch fat deposits over his body to become larger in size or even smaller;
  • Molecular maniqulation to the point he can enhance his strength and durability while growing in size;