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Elizabeth before joining Magneto's Brotherhood

Elizabeth Braddock / Psylocke== Elizabeth Braddock / Psylocke is a mutant capable of using telepathy as well as generating a psychic knife or Psi-Blade and transporting herself through the shadows as well.

She is a member of The Omegas and future member of The Brotherhood Of Mutants.


Early Life[]

Elizabeth "Betsy" Braddock was born in England in 1972. Most of her former life is unknown although her parents were secret agents who died trying to protect their daughter from the claws of Victor Creed, as Betsy was targeted by William Stryker to become a test subject for Weapon XI at Three Mile Island.

Three Mile Island (X-Men Origins: Wolverine)[]

After being captured, Elizabeth was held in a cell with other mutants for a couple of months, as she couldn't use her shadow transportation ability neither her Psi-Blade. She was rescued by Wolverine and Silverfox along with the other mutants and then fled with Professor X

Elizabeth in 1985

, possibly becoming an X Man for a short period of time (although unlikely due to her intense hatred towards humankind as her parents were killed).

Joining The Omegas[]

It is possible that Psylocke denied the Professor's request of joining the X Men and instead joined The Omegas as she would be found by Callisto wandering without any parents or support.

Affiliation with The Brotherhood (X-Men: The Last Stand)[]

After Magneto recruited The Omegas in joining his cause, Psylocke joined without hesitation as she was second in command after Callisto and any sign of hesitation would be related to weakness. Elizabeth would use her shadow transportation ability to cover herself and her teammates (Quill and Arclight) and infiltrate Alcatraz to kill off the creators of 'the mutant cure'. After an unsuccessful attempt to kill Angel's father, Psylocke and her teammates are trying to find cover as they would all be killed by Jean Grey's desintegration wave.

It is however possible she survived using her shadow transportation ability to escape death.

Psylocke and her teammates, leader Callisto(middle), and Arclight(left)

Abilities & trivia[]


  • Shadow transportation
  • Psychic knife
  • Low range telepathy


  • In spite of Psylocke being an important character in the comic books, her role in the movies is limited as a supporting character and her backround is not shown.