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Quill / Kid Omega[]



Quill== Quentin Quire / Quill is a mutant who can sprout porcupine-like quills from his body, most notably his face and use them either as projectiles from distance or as a close-quarters weapon.

He is a member of The Omegas and joins Magneto's Brotherhood Of Mutants.


Early Life[]

Quentin Quire was born in Queens, New York in 1977 and had a troubling childhood because of his porcupine-like quills stretching out of his skin, although in time, he learned how to control his powers. He joined The Omegas being recruited by Callisto and Psylocke as the third member of the team.

Because of his appearance, he would be cast away and live in the sewer network along with his teammates.

Joining The Brotherhood ( X-Men: The Last Stand)[]

Quentin, taking the alias "Quill" or "Kid Omega" had doubts including being recruited as part of Magneto's Brotherhood and would oftenly display his powers to show his frustrations.

Quill displaying his powers

He would head with teammates Callisto and Arclight to recruit Jean Grey at her house while fighting The X Men afterwards. He would be knocked out by Storm in the events but managed to retreat.

Battle at Alcatraz & death []

After reaching Alcatraz, Quill is ordered by Magneto to infiltrate the facility with Arclight and Psylocke and kill off the creators of the cure as he succesfully accomplished his task by stabbing dr. Kavita Rao with his quills. He tried then to kill dr. Warren Worthington II by throwing him off the building but he was saved in time by his son, Angel ( Warren Worthington III).

Moments later, after Jean loses control of her powers and becomes 'The Phoenix' again, Quill is killed by her desintegration wave along teammate Arclight, Psylocke and possibly other Omegas.

Abilities & trivia[]

  • Ability to sprout porcupine-like quills from his body, notably his face


  • Quill is based off two characters in the comic book universe, Max Jordan with his powers and Quentin Quire by taking his name as Kid Omega.