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Avalanche during the battle at Alcatraz

Avalanche== Dominic Alvers / Avalanche is a mutant with the power of geological maniqulation or seismic wave generation from his hands.

He is a member of The Brotherhood of Mutants.


Early Life[]

Dominikos Ioannis Petrakis as known initially was born in Greece, in the Greek island of Crete in 1985. After his family moved to the U.S, his powers began manifestation as he was responsible for the 1998 Pymatuning earthquake in Pennsylvania( an earhtquake with the magnitude of 5.2). 

The aftermath of discovering his abilities is unknown.

Joining The Brotherhood ( X-Men: The Last Stand)[]

After changing his name, Alvers became involved in protests and various riots against the 'mutant cure' developed by Worthington Laboratories. He even joined Magneto's Brotherhood to destroy the cure facility, along The Omegas and many other mutants.

Battle for the cure & death[]

After reaching Alcatraz where the original facility is located, Alvers used his ability to generate a gravity field so that all those he touched would be thrown away ( much like a kinetic absorption ability). He would be defeated in battle by Shadowcat who used her intangibility to evade Alvers although he may have died as Jean lost control of her powers, re-becoming ' The Phoenix' and generated a desintegration wave. It is actually unknown if Alvers survived although his absence after the battle would prove otherwise.

Abilities & trivia[]


  • Earthquake generation by touching ground;
  • Kinetic re-direction ( described as a seismic blast);