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The Juggernaut[]


Cain Marko

The Juggernaut== Cain Marko / The Juggernaut is a mutant with superhuman capabilities such as strength, resilience and the ability to become 'unstoppable' during motion. He also possesses a healing factor in addition to his lethal powers.


Early Life[]

Cain Marko was born in 1935 and is the unofficial step-brother of Charles Xavier. He had a troubling childhood and always get into fights while his father, Kurt Marko, decided to take him to Boarding School. He would grow separate from his step-brother, Charles and after finishing boarding school, Cain would join the U.S. Army after realizing that he had tremendous strength compared to anyone else after serving in the Korean War as a teenager and possibly the Vietnam War too.

He left the army as his brother and no one ever heard of him again.

Captured by the government[]

Because of Cain's troubling history, he would commit an illegal act and be captured by the U.S. government with Henry McCoy's help, after which he would be transferred to a high-security vault for criminal mutants or Alcatraz for a cure test.

Joining The Brotherhood & Battle at Alcatraz ( X-Men: The Last Stand)[]

Cain would be freed from the mutant convoy with Magneto's help and joined him and his Brotherhood into destroying the cure's headquarters. After reaching Alcatraz, Magneto told Cain to stay put as he needed the rest of the mutants to fight and lower the guards' numbers.

Juggernaut standing side to Quill and Avalanche

With The X Men arriving, Cain ran his way into the building searching for the ' cure source' and destroy it as Kitty Pryde was attempting to save it.

With Kitty reaching Leech first, they now had to run from Cain though Leech surpressed her powers unwillingly and so he did to Cain who ran into a wall and hit his head hard enough that he knocked himself unconscious.


The aftermath of the facility's destruction remained mostly unknown although Cain survived and returned to his criminal life.

Relationships, abilities & trivia[]

  1. Charles Xavier / Professor X - Half-brother turned enemy.
  2. Erik Lehnsherr / Magneto - Leader and teammate.
  3. John Allerdyce / Pyro - Teammate.
  4. James 'Logan' Howlett / Wolverine - Enemy.
  5. Katherine Pryde / Shadowcat - Enemy.


  • Superhuman strength, resilience, endurance, stamina
  • Healing factor
  • Virtually unstoppable during movement
  • Force field generation ( although it is not shown)


  • There is no relationship hint between Charles and Cain in the movies, despite being step-brothers.
  • In the comics, Cain is not a mutant but has magical powers gained from the entity known as Cyttorak.